The History of West Waterford Autograss Club

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What Is Autograss?

Autograss is a non-contact motorsport that takes place on an oval track, although varying by venue, approximately 400m using a natural soil surface. Due to the close nature of the racing, thrills and spills are never too far away, which only adds to the atmosphere felt throughout all 52 Autograss Clubs over five countries.

There are 11 NASA Classes, differing by type of set up and engine sizes, from near standard 1000cc minis through to specifically designed spaceframed single seaters with monster V8 or twin motorbike power!

Up to eight cars start on a straight line grid and race over 4 - 10 laps. This results in the major race meetings, most of which are staged over the course of two days, offering upwards of 200 races! All Classes normally race through qualifying heats and finals followed by, if time permitting, open races where all Classes have the opportunity to race each other.

The social aspect of the sport is a very large factor in what makes the atmosphere so enticing and allows friends from all over the United Kingdom to meet and catch up at the 'larger' events. The family nature is still, as has always been, an important factor - sometimes all members of the family are seen to be sharing one car and racing at one meeting. Although having said this, Juniors (12 - 16 years) are restricted to two less powerful Classes for obvious reasons.

Please Note- Some meetings throughout the Autograss calendar are restricted. If you are unsure, it is strongly advised that you contact the host Club / League to check whether restrictions are in place before travelling.

Racing Licences are available through a Club of your choice for Mens; Ladies and Juniors. Also available are Mechanics and Social Licences for those who do not wish to race but would still like to be a part of this very affordable motorsport. It is first and foremost an amateur motorsport, so there are always plenty of opportunities to join in and help to run your Club. As time goes by, there are also chances to become more involved with the sport on a higher organisational level, or of course you can simply turn up and continue enjoying the racing!

If you would like to know more specific details, please feel free to contact a member of our Committee.